Chapter II


  • Try to get +drop rate gear.+30 should be enough. Refer to the compose section for recipe.
  • Reach Level 11
  • Recommended Skills: Lv. 6 Prefered Weapon Proficiency; Lv. 2 Berserk; Lv. 3 Prefered Tier 1 Activated Skill

Main questsEdit

Don't Be Proud - Paul; Lv 6 Kill 20 lv 7 wolves, then talk to Paul. The best place for this is the entrance to Silent Hill. I recommend getting the Lv 6 weapon before attempting this quest. You may even want to hold off a few levels if you're not skilled at dodging attacks.
Susan's Honey - Susan;Lv 10-11 Easy Kill the Purple Hornet in Rose Forest, then return to Susan. The biggest obstacle in your way of completing this quest isn't the boss itself, but the orange slimes on the way. They hit very hard, and even harder if their fire damage procs. Be careful on your way to the pink block. Once there, the only enemies you face are hornets.

Side questsEdit

Bet Between Two Men - Kimura Go south of town, and kill 100 slimes in 5 min. I suggest doing this quest the same way as the Kill 10 lv1 slimes quest. It can be tedious, but it's the fastest way to do it.
Teddy Bear - Anna;Lv 7 Hard;Lv 11 Easy The Wolf boss can be extremely tough if you're not prepared. You "can" beat it at Lv 6 or 7, but you're in for a long fight. The wolf does not flinch, so if you're not prepared to spend a long time dodging then attacking wait until you get the Lv 11 weapon, or some decent armor to mitigate its damage.
Robbed Goods - Chung;Lv 11 Hard;Lv 16 Moderate Retrieve Chung's goods from the Goblins in the North Forest. It is highly recommended that you wait until Chapter III to attempt this quest. You'll have to make your way through several orange and blue slimes, goblins, and hornets before you reach the pink block. When you get there you're met with a bunch of goblins ranging from lv 7 to lv 15.


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