Arcuz Chapter 3


  • Focus on getting good stat gear, and more +drop rate gear if you need to. Refer to the compose section for details.
  • Reach Level 21
  • Recommended Skills: Lv. 10 Prefered Weapon Proficiency; Lv. 3 Berserk; Lv. 3 Holy Light; Lv. 3 Prefered Tier 2 Activated Skill

Main questsEdit

Horn of Courage - Kimura;Lv 16 Hard to Easy Collect 12 Centaur Horns from the centaurs in Goethe Grass, then return to Kimura. This can be difficult if you don't fight the right Centaurs. Unless you feel confident that you can beat the Lv 17s, look for the lv 15 ones 2 blocks east, and 2 blocks north of the Goethe Grass entrance. When you kill them all use a portal scroll to go to town, and take the portal back to respawn them. The Lv 15s are a pale shade of red, and the Lv 17s are an orange color. The centaurs don't always drop a horn, and you'll likely have to kill more than 12 to get them all.
Mission of Anna - Wayne;Lv 16 Hard;Lv 21 Moderate to Easy {cke_protected} Go to the Sadness Forest, and rescue Anna. At lv 16 the goblins are relatively easy. Go straight for the mage, and take him out quickly or his spells might 1-shot you. Once you kill them all two Lv 19 Boss Pink Slimes spawn. They don't flinch, and can hit pretty hard. For this fight you might want to bring an attack and defense potion. I am finding that the best damage done is with the scimitar that you get from Chung, that you must save up 3,000 gold. This scimitar also requires you to be Lv 16 to use.

Side questsEdit

Chemistry Lesson - Susan Compose a Large Potion of Rejuvination. Refer to the Composition section for recipe.
Purpose of Saving - Chung Save 3,000 gold; speak to Chung. Reward: a falchion.
Flickering Ironstone - Gran;Lv 16 Hard;Lv 21 Easy Find the Ironstone in the Mystery Cave for Gran. You have to defeat all enemies at the pink block in the cave to get the chest containing the Ironstone. Be wary of the poison wolves, and bring some Alexipharmic potions if you need to.Reward: an Axe


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