Chapter iv


  • Reach Level 26
  • Recommended Skills: Lv. 4 Increase All Attributes; Lv. 2 Prefered Tier 3 Activated Skill

Main questsEdit

Main Quests End Result of Ann's Heart - Ann;Lv 21 Easy Look for any clues that might tell you what happened to Ann's parents in the Sadness Forest. Kill all the enemies in the pink block to get the chest containing the quest item.
Regain Courage - Kimura;Lv21 Hard to Moderate;Lv26 Easy Retrieve Kimura's sword from the Guilty Forest. The pink block contains many green and blue goblins. Several of which are casters so you need to approach them carefully. Once you defeat them all a Lv 21 Boss Orc spawns. He does decent damage, but is moderately easy to dodge. At level 21 it'll take a little more time to kill him, but it's more than possible to do so. Reward: a +2 sword of Apollo (fire).
Re-see Brightness - Susan;Lv 21 Hard;Lv 26 Hard to Moderate Get Susan's eyes back from the Centaur Forest. Again, centaurs pack a punch behind their charges, and you'll be facing a lot of them. When you clear the pink block of enemies you'll face two Boss Centaur. There's a chance you may end up dying so if you have the Holy Light skill it'll come in handy here. Reward: two stones of holy,
Rest of the Souls - Paul;Lv 26 Hard to Easy Head to the Rest Valley to kill the Skeleton Knights. This is made easy if you have either BladeStorm or Big Bang. You'll face a screen filled with skeletons, and two of which are high enough level they show as ???. However, one cast of BladeStorm or Big Bang will kill them. Once defeated you'll face a Boss Ghost. It may spawn multiple, weaker copies of itself, but they're easily defeated with a few swings. The ghost is more of an annoyance than a threat.

Side questsEdit

Gran's Effort - Gran Compose a shield with Lv 2 Defense Bonus(%), and Lv 2 Chance of Block. Then speak to Gran. Buy a shield from Gran to compose for this quest. Make sure the shield you use has Lv 0 Block, and no Defense Bonus(%) when you accept the quest. Refer to the compose section for recipes. Reward: the shield itself, and gauntlets.


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