• Make sure you're geared up well.
  • Reach Level 35 (max)
  • Recommended Skills: Lv. 10 Increase All Attributes; Lv. 13 Prefered Weapon Proficiency
  • Defeat the final boss.

Main questsEdit

Zack's Letter - Paul Give the letter to Wayne.
The Old Scroll - Paul;Lv26 Hard to Moderate This quest can be somewhat difficult. It's best to try to kill enemies from ranged or with skills rather than normal attacks, and move around a lot to avoid getting hit. You'll have to face two Boss Orcs once you clear the pink block. Once again there's a chance you may die in here, so make sure you have Holy Light active.
The Truth - Paul Speak to Susan.
Smash the Evil - Paul;lv 26 Hard;Lv 31 Hard to Moderate Go to the Abandoned Mine, and find the Stone of Nirvana. There are a lot of enemies with thunder attacks so be extremely careful here. You can easily get stun-locked if you're not careful. Your boss fight consists of two Orcs, and one Ghost.
Song of the Valley - Paul;Lv 31 Hard;Lv 35 Hard to Moderate This is the final quest of the game. It amounts to a gauntlet where you must kill all enemies in a block before you're allowed to progress, followed by the final boss fight at the end. If you're not lv 35 by the end of the gauntlet I strongly suggest porting to town, and coming back to kill more enemies. The boss is significantly harder if you're not max level. You start the fight against the Dual-Head Giant, and a few normal enemies. Start off by clearing the normal enemies, then focus on the boss. The Dual-Head Giant himself is fairly predictable, but that doesn't mean he's easy... refer to the next chapter in the Walkthrough on how to beat him.

Side questsEdit

Are there any???


Meonius' walkthrough