Composition involves using elemental crystals and stones to create powerful equipment by increasing its attributes and adding beneficial effects. You may also create larger crystals, more powerful stones, and more potent potions through composition. Information about composition can be found by clicking the question mark (?) found at the bottom left of the composition window.

Be careful when upgrading a stat to level 4; you may wish to avoid it entirely. If the upgrade fails, it strips all compositions away and reduces the amount of compositions you can do on the items. For example: your item had 7 compositions available, you upgrade a stat 3 times, and on the 4th time, you failed. The failed attempt does not destroy the item, but the stat you tried to upgrade will be erased, leaving you with 4 compositions remaining.

Combining small items into larger itemsEdit


Crystals come in 4 types (Wind, Earth, Fire, Water) and 3 sizes (small, medium, large)

  • 1 Crystal → Next higher size Crystal. 35% chance success.
  • 2 same Crystals → Next higher size Crystal. 70% chance success.
  • 3 same Crystals → Next higher size Crystal. 100% chance success.
  • 3 different type, same size Crystals → next higher size Crystal of 4th type.

For example:

  • Small Water Crystal + Small Water Crystal + Small Water Crystal → Medium Water Crystal
  • Medium Fire Crystal + Medium Earth Crystal + Medium Wind Crystal → Large Water Crystal


There are 3 stone levels: Blessing (I), Soul (II), and Holy (III). The composition rules are like the ones for the crystals:

  • One Stone → Next higher level Stone. 65% chance success.
  • Two same Stones → Next higher level Stone. 80% chance success.
  • Three same Stones → Next higher level Stone. 100% chance success.

For example:

Stone of Blessing + Stone of Blessing + Stone of Blessing → Stone of Soul

Stone of Soul + Stone of Soul→1/2 chance of Stone of Holy


Healing, mana and rejuvenation potions come in three sizes: small, medium, and large. You can compose them as follows:

  • 1 Potion → Next higher size potion. 30% success.
    • Even though the game tells you it's 25%, the game code says it's 30%.
  • 2 Potions → Next higher size potion. 100% chance success.
  • One healing potion + one mana potion → same size rejuvenation Potion.
  • 2 Large Rejuvenation potions in upper and left slot + any other two potions → Large Potion of Archangel. (Called "Diamond Angel Tears" in Arcuz II.)
    • Probably not what the programmers intended, looking at the code. You can use small health potions even.
    • However, there appear to have been rare spawns of the coveted potion within the game itself, as I never heard of the potion until I found a medium Archangel potion in my inventory after killing a swathe of creatures in the Lvl. 11 (Fire) Slimes areas in Gino Mountain.

Other (Arcuz II) Edit

  • Combining any stone + a Trial Stone will result in a Trial Gate Teleporter. Will only work if player is within 4 levels above or below the level listed.

Equipment composition rules Edit

Each piece of equipment will have a certain amount of "composition" points. These points indicate how many times the equipment can be composed. For example: a sword that has the stat "Compose:3" means that it can only be used in composition another 3 times.

Upgrading your equipment's level (+1, +2, etc.) does not decrease that item's composition points, but everything else will.

When composing with equipment, you must upgrade them in steps. With levels, for example, you cannot upgrade from lv1 straight to lv3; you must upgrade to lv2 before you can get to lv3.

If your lv3 to lv4 or lv4 to lv5 composition fails, your equip's level will reset. Your number of compositions on that piece of equipment will not reset.

If you fail an upgrade to your equipment's level, it will consume the stones used, and no upgrade will be made.

Composing to get effectsEdit

You can combine Crystals and Stones to add effects to an item:

  • 2 Small Crystals + Stone of Blessing → lv1 Effect (100% chance)
  • 2 Medium Crystals + Stone of Blessing → lv2 Effect (90% chance)
  • 2 Large Crystals + Stone of Soul → lv3 Effect (75% chance)
  • 2 Large Crystals + Stone of Holy → lv4 Effect (50% chance)

Composing to get bonusesEdit

You can combine different stones together to provide raw bonuses to weapons, armor:

  • Stone of Blessing + Stone of Soul + Stone of Holy → +1 to Equipment

Weapons, Armor get an increase to their respective main stats like damage, defense, block rate. However, the composition has a certain chance to success:

  • +0 → +1 = 100% chance
  • +1 → +2 = 80% chance
  • +2 → +3 = 50% chance
  • +3 → +4 = 30% chance
  • +4 → +5 = 20% chance

Equipment effectsEdit


This includes blades, swords and axes.

Earth Fire Water Wind
Earth +3% crit +5 attack +5 drop Poison
Fire +5 attack Fire +10% attack SP recovery
Water +5 drop +10% attack Ice Thunder
Wind Poison SP recovery Thunder HP recovery

You can combine a weapon with crystals and stones to get only one of the following elemental effects:

  • Fire + Fire = Fire Element (High elemental damage)
  • Water + Water = Ice Element (Chance to slow enemy movement speed)
  • Water + Wind = Thunder Element (Chance to stun enemies)
  • Earth + Wind = Poison Element (Inflicts damage over time)

If a weapon already has an elemental effect, and you try to give it an additional, different effect, the old effect is lost, and a composition point is spent all the same. The following effects can be composed freely:

  • Fire + Earth = Attack Bonus (Fixed amount; +5 damage per level)
  • Fire + Wind = Increases SP recovery rate
  • Wind + Wind = Increases HP recovery rate
  • Earth + Water = Increases drop rate (+5 per level)
  • Earth + Earth = Increases critical hit chance (+3% per level)
  • Fire + Water = Attack Bonus (Percent increase; +10% per level)


This includes helmets, body armor, gloves, shields and boots.

Earth Fire Water Wind
Earth +10 defense +3% block (shields) +5 drop +10% defense
Fire +3% block (shields) +10% SP +3% magic defense +4 SP/kill
Water +5 drop +3% magic defense +10% HP +5 HP/kill
Wind +10% defense +4 SP/kill +5 HP/kill +3% crit


Includes necklaces, bracelets, rings and belts.

Earth Fire Water Wind
Earth +50 encumbrance +10% defense +5 drop ---
Fire +10% defense SP recovery +10% attack ---
Water +5 drop +10% attack HP recovery ---
Wind --- --- --- +3% crit



weapons armor accessories
fire fire+fire --- ---
ice water+water --- ---
thunder water+wind --- ---
poison earth+wind --- ---
+3% critical earth+earth wind+wind wind+wind

+5 attack

fire+earth --- ---
+10% attack fire+water --- fire+water
+3% block --- fire+earth* ---
+3% magic defense --- fire+water ---
+10 defense --- earth+earth ---
+10% defense --- earth+wind


+10% HP

--- water+water ---
+5 HP/kill --- water+wind ---
+1 HP recovery wind+wind --- water+water
+10% SP --- fire+fire ---
+4 SP/kill --- fire+wind ---
+1 SP recovery fire+wind --- fire+fire
+5 drop rate earth+water earth+water earth+water
+50 Encumbrance --- ---


  • Stat Modifiers Each modifier has 4 levels, and you must get them in order. i.e. lv 1, lv 2, lv 3, then lv 4. All but the 4th level have a 100% success rate. The 4th has a 50% success rate, and if it fails, a composition is wasted.


  • Fire Element - Adds damage to your weapon (more than other elements).
    • Lv1 = 1.5x, activates with 10% chance
    • Lv2 = 2x, 20%
    • Lv3 = 2.5x, 30%
    • Lv4 = 3x, 50%
  • Ice Element - Adds a chance to slow enemy movement speed to your weapon strikes. Increases damage a little.
    • Lv1 = 1.2x, 10%
    • Lv2 = 1.3x, 20%
    • Lv3 = 1.5x, 30%
    • Lv4 = 2x, 50%
  • Thunder Element - Adds a chance to stun enemies with your weapon strikes. Each success has a 50% stun rate. Levels increase stun time.
    • Lv1 = 1.1x, 10%
    • Lv2 = 1.3x, 20%
    • Lv3 = 1.5x, 30%
    • Lv4 = 1.8x, 50%
  • Poison Element - Adds a chance to poison your target dealing damage over time. Ticks of damage depend on the damage dealt when the poison is applied (dmg/7+1 rounded up). Critical damage does not increase the poison damage.
    • Lv1 = 1x, 10%
    • Lv2 = 1.2x, 20%
    • Lv3 = 1.3x, 30%
    • Lv4 = 1.5x, 50%
  • Attack Bonus (Static) - +5 damage per level. More effective early game. Less useful later.
  • Attack Bonus (Percent) - 10% damage per level. Less effective early game, but extremely powerful late game.
  • SP Recovery - +1 SP recovery per level. Decent, but there are better mods.
  • HP Recovery - +1 HP recovery per level. Only the transparent red bar is regenerable, not the black bar; you have to use a potion or HP/Kill mod for that. Making this almost useless.
  • Drop Rate - +5 Drop Rate per level. Works wonders mid-game when you need to save up money to buy gear.
  • Critical Hit - +3% crit chance per level. Another great mod. Crits double damage, and stack with elemental damage to create some impressive numbers.
  • SP Bonus - +10% SP per level. A decent mod. A few of these can help. Becomes less useful when you get Holy Light, but still viable.
  • HP Bonus - +10% HP per level. As with SP Bonus this can be helpful.
  • HP/Kill - Gain 5 HP per level when you kill an enemy.
  • SP/Kill - Gain 4 SP per level when you kill an enemy.
  • Block - Only applicable to shields. +3% block per level. When paired with a blue/gold or leveled shield you can easily reach 25% block or more with this.
  • Defense Bonus (static) - +10 defense per point. As with all static bonuses it's only really viable early game.
  • Defense Bonus (percent) - +10% defense per point. An incredible boost to your defense. If you have over 100 base defense this will give you more defense per point than the static version.
  • Magic Resistance - +3% resistance per point. This is the only way to increase your magic resistance, and it's worth investing in.
  • Extra Weight (Encumbrance) - +50 encumbrance per point. You might want to invest in this early to mid-game when you don't have the str to carry your items alone. After that it's worthless.
  • Color code: Pink=elementals. Red=damage. Yellow=defense. Green=HP. Light blue=SP. Blue=others