Bug exploitsEdit

HP/Kill + SP/Kill Bug This bug is mentioned for people who do not want to ease the game unknowingly through this bug. If you deal damage to an enemy after it is dead, but before it finishes its death animation this will proc for each hit you deal. Poison damage also procs these mods, and further abuses this bug.
Avoiding these mods completely can make the game significantly harder. If you don't like taking advantage of exploits, then the best way to avoid exploiting this bug without avoiding these mods completely is by not using them with a poison weapon.

Built-in upgrades

Items found, or purchased, with pre-existing equipment levels have additional composes equal to the equipment level of the item. Those that you raise yourself do not gain this increase.
Raising the equipment level of a weapon increases its damage.
Raising the equipment level of armor increases its defense.
Raising the equipment level of a shield increases both its defense and its block.
Typically a +2 item has stat values just under the next higher level item. The only exception to this is a shield due to the increase in block. This means you'd have to get a +3 item for it to be better than gaining 5 levels, and simply buying a new item from a vendor. This can be expensive, time consuming, and risky. It is advisable to hold off on raising equipment levels until you get lv 26 or lv 31 items for this reason, and even then is unnecessary to beat the game. If raising the equipment level fails there's a chance to lose all equipment levels on the item. You do, however, keep all stat mods regardless.

General tipsEdit

Each piece of equipment has a maximum number of composes available to it listed at the bottom of the item's stats. Each time you compose the item this number is reduced by one until no more remain, and the item can no longer be composed. Upgrading the equipment level of an item does not use any composes. The order you place items in the Compose window doesn't mater except for weapons which must be placed in the center slot.
Due to the limited number of composes, and the fact that each level adds the same amount, it is recommended that you don't try for any lv 4 mods. It's much better to spread lv 3 mods across multiple, same-class items for the same effect without the risk. The only two exceptions to this are elements on a weapon and block on a shield as these modifiers are exclusive to these two items. Here is a list recommended mods for each item type:

  • Element - Pick one you like. Ice is probably the least useful, but the slow is nice early on for hitting enemies with ranged spells after the slow. Fire seems to work well against the final boss, and thunder is very useful for its stunning capability. Poison is also useful in some situations, notably agility builds.
  • Attack Bonus(Percent)
  • Critical Hit


  • HP/Kill - One or two items is enough, but highly recommended.
  • SP/Kill - One item is enough, but highly recommended.
  • Defense Bonus(Percent)
  • Block - Shield only. You should always get this mod.
  • Magic Resistance - Later in the game this can be a life saver.
  • Critical Hit
  • Drop Rate - As needed.


  • Defense Bonus - This is a percentage increase.
  • Attack Bonus - This is a percentage increase.
  • Critical Hit
  • Drop Rate - As needed.

Blue and gold itemsEdit

Some items have a blue or gold colored background behind the item name. These items come from blue or gold chests, and have significantly higher base stats than their normal counterparts. Shields also gain significantly more block. In addition to this, these items also come with +1 composes if blue, and +2 composes if gold. You'll likely find a few blue items on your journey through the game, but gold items are very rare. You'll be lucky to find 1 or 2 gold chests at all; even if you spend a long time looking for them. That is, if you do not specialize in Drop Rate. If you do focus in drop rate (total stat of 120 or more) then blue chests are fairly common, and gold chests are somewhat rare and/or sort of rare. However, having very high drop rate also means you'll have a chance at finding a green chest. Green chests are incredibly rare and contain a gold item already enchanted, much like how the gambler's goods are. 

Planning your compositionEdit

The following table helps to plan your composition. You should decide which effects you want to invest in, and how to spread these among your items.

weapons armor accessories
fire fire+fire --- ---
ice water+water --- ---
thunder water+wind --- ---
poison earth+wind --- ---
+3% critical earth+earth wind+wind wind+wind
+10% attack fire+water --- fire+water
+5 attack fire+earth --- ---
+4% block --- fire+earth* ---
+3% magic defense --- fire+water ---
+10% defense --- earth+wind fire+earth
+5 defense --- earth+earth ---
+10% HP --- water+water ---
+5 HP/kill --- water+wind ---
+1 HP recovery wind+wind --- water+water
+10% SP --- fire+fire ---
+4 SP/kill --- fire+wind ---
+1 SP recovery fire+wind --- fire+fire
+5 drop rate earth+water earth+water earth+water
+50 weight --- --- earth+earth

Some considerations apply:

  • A bonus to crits increases the average damage by 3%, which is much less than the simple 10% bonus to attacks.
  • The computation with the block bonus is a bit different. An increase of 4% in the block chance becomes better than a +10% to defense only after the block probability is already about 60%, which is very unlikely even with gold items.


A walkthrough by Meonius