'Dual-Head Giant - 'Being the Final boss of Arcuz 1 he is not so easy. Depending on what weapon you are using the boss can be pretty easy or pretty hard. For axe wielders it should be easy but for scimitar wielders he can be quite tricky. In general you need at least 5000 HP and 4500ATT to be able to win.

Dual-headed Giant's skills

Club smash- He will smash his clubs 2 times, getting hit by 4 will typically mean death. But this attack is pretty dodgable.

Ice line- He will smash his club and a line of ice shards will appear. You must avoid getting hit or you will lose an ammount of speed which will give him a chance to kill you.

Ice circle- Like the ice this skill can hit 3 times with a slowing effect. It can be dodged by jumping away.

Fury- The deadliest skill of the boss. This skill will double his attack, defense, and he will speed up alot. In this stage he is capable of 1 hit kills and his ice attacks are amplified. Like the iceline will have 5 of them, and the circle will hit 5 times killing you instantly. A pure con hero can tank one the hits but since it usually hits 3 times it will mean death.

Meteor swarm- A couple of meteors will follow you it is easy to dodge, but super meteor swarm is quite hard to dodge. Due to the fact the the speed increases you must constantly move to avoid getting hit.

Ghost summon- The worst nightmare, these ghosts deal a ton of damage. You have to take care of them before to many ghosts will appear and kill you. In fury mode these ghosts will also have the buff so they are pretty hard to deal with.

Armor- You will not be able to deal much damage until the armor is crushed and you will land 3-6 hits before he regains his armor.


  • Enchantments: Attack Bonus % and Defense Bonus % compositions on your equipment will make this fight easier. Enchant most of your gear with attack % and/or defense % to at least lvl 1 or 2.