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In Arcuz II website picture

Hero is the blonde male character you control in Arcuz and Arcuz II. He is blonde

  • Name: The character's name can be chosen at the start of the game, but in both the games, if you don't choose any name it is "Aaron".
  • Equipment is obtained in chests found around the map or dropped by killed enemies, or bought from Gran, Susan or Chung.
  • Fundamental stats can be increased each time the character attains a new level, and are Strength, Agility, Constitution and Luck.
  • One new skill can be bought at each new level.
  • Derived stats

Special movesEdit

  • Flying attack (K + J) - The character performs the normal attacks combo but while flying if the J is pressed simultaneously or shortly after the K
  • 'Jump Attack: (K, then J') - After you reach the peak of your jump (when you're going back down to the ground) you can press the attack button to slam the ground with a short-range aoe attack that does normal damage, and knocks back enemies around you. This attack knocks flying enemies to the ground.
  • Double-Jump: (K + K) - In order to use this you have to 'jump off' another enemy. This means you have to be near an enemy that's already as high as your first jump. This includes jumping enemies, flying enemies, centaurs, and anything else as large as a centaur. You can follow the Double-Jump with the Jump Attack. It doesn't do any more damage than the normal Jump Attack.

The character's mapEdit

The map does an excellent job of displaying where you need to go, and how you need to get there. Each area contains several blocks that make up the zone. Except for blue and pink blocks, blocks do not appear on your map until you have visited them. Blue blocks indicate entrances to connecting zones, and pink blocks represent blocks that contain a quest objective. When you enter a pink block you become trapped. If you have a town scroll you can use it to go back to town if you need to. Otherwise you'll have to either finish the objective of the quest, or die to exit the block. Since the map does a good job of telling you where to go I'll leave it up to you to get to your quest objectives unless it's difficult to find.