There are some known bugs in the Arcuz games.

Note: Not everyone likes or wants to ruin the experience of a game through bug exploits. These exploits are listed for completion's sake, not as some sort of requirement.

Arcuz Edit

HP/SP + Kill Edit

If you deal damage to an enemy after it is dead, but before it finishes its death animation, this will proc for each hit you deal. Poison damage also procs these mods, and further abuses this bug.

Potion Shop Edit

If you enter the potion shop and see something you like or need, like a particular elemental crystal, buy it. Leave the shop, then re-enter the shop. The item is back! This also mostly works for multiple items.

NOTE: You MUST drag the purchase to your inventory, Leave then reenter to regenerate the item you purchased, Purchasing an item by double-clicking will not work.