How to Multiply Items and Refresh Compositions of Armor (and Unlink Multiplied Items) Edit

Right before I get into details here, I would like to point out that

if you wish to play the game without exploiting or cheating around the proper game-functions, stop reading here.

If not, read on and enjoy what tips and tricks that can be utilized to improve game quality, mainly by lessening the challenge of some activities you might get into when playing the game (here's looking at beating up pesky ghosts and skeletons).

Duplication Glitch ===

Here's how to duplicate that gear or item you need extras of

Beginners are poor, and so what money you do earn is important when investing it in this trick for the first time. Simply talk to Susan the Witch (a ways to the left of Wayne, your first quest-giver in Arcuz Village) to buy the cheapest item in the store, a small mana potion, to sacrifice for your first duplication.


  • You have an item you want to duplicate in the 2nd page of your inventory. I'll call this the "copy item." If your copy item is on the 1st page, open Susan's Composition window and move it to a composition slot, then to the 2nd page.
  • You have an extra item, which will be replaced by the copy item, on the 2nd page of your inventory. I'll call this the "sacrificial item." If you don't have one, buy a cheap item from Susan. For safety's sake, buy 2, because this trick can be inconsistent.
  • In your inventory, there must be at least 1 open slot on the 1st page. You can also do the trick with an open slot on the 2nd page and items on the 3rd, but here I'll assume you're using the first 2 pages.

The Trick

  1. Go to the 2nd page of your inventory, if you aren't there already. If you just put the sacrificial item on the 2nd page, you have to switch to the 1st or 3rd page and back again for the trick to work.
  2. Click the copy item (to pick it up), then click the sacrificial item (to swap the item held).
  3. Now, with the sacrificial item held, click the area somewhere between the left and right arrows (the ones used to switch inventory screens). The sacrificial item should disappear. Make sure you don't change inventory screens, because...
  4. [Important] Before doing anything else, move the copy item to an open slot on the 2nd page, such as the slot it started in.
  5. Click one of the arrow 3 times (to scroll through the inventory screens), so that you return to inventory screen 2. If you followed the steps up to this point, you'll see a duplicate of the copy item in the space where the sacrificial item was sitting at the start. If you do, you've succeeded!
  6. If not, try steps 2-5 again with a 2nd sacrificial item. Sometimes the game ignores the 1st duplication, but then allows any number of duplications after that.

You can scroll through your inventory again to confirm that the sacrificial item is gone (rather than simply moved to the 1st page, as it would normally do when you hold an item and click the arrows or arrow box).

Note: If you duplicate a weapon/armor/accessory this way, don't try to upgrade one of the duplicates unless you do the storage glitch. If you don't do storage glitch, the items will be "linked", and whatever upgrade you do to 1 will affect the other. Not a problem if the upgrade is successful, but if not then you lose the upgrades on both items.

The issue I've run into is accidentally mis-clicking in a way so that, when trying to move the sacrificial item into an alternate inventory screen, it clicks on some random part of the game screen (that isn't the left arrow) and the game returns the item to the first available bag space of the three screens. I warn you now, that if you happen to sell a duplicate (or possibly the original) you may experience an issue in which the item you hadn't intended to sell did, evidently, sell to the NPC (or just simply disappeared). This has happened a number of times to me, when selling my 3,000 coin-value shield, and I had to entirely replace it (which wasn't hard, seeing as I could duplicate composition materials). Do not be afraid of using composition material duplicates; consuming the duplicate does not make the other disappear, or vice-versa. To fully avoid accidentally selling duplicates or originals, one must go through the process to be mentioned that also resets ones' armor composition.

Storage Glitch ===

Here's How to Reset Armor Composition While Retaining Original Composition Effects,  and Nullify Duplicate Selling Issues

Once you reach the third portion of the storyline (I guess it goes by chapters?) you gain access to storage from 'Paul (The Soreheaded Knight) which is in the south-western (bottom-left) end of Arcuz Village; surrounded by many chests, talking to him and clicking near his chat box at the end of his chat (when hot-key chat commands stop working) pulls up a window which allows you to store items inside for later withdrawal or to relieve oneself of space. If one was to put a piece of armor that had all of its' composition used up from the equipment slot into storage, and then open up the menu to save & quit, upon clicking 'Play' and 'Continue', one would appear in the village near Wayne at the save-circle. When returning to Paul, you would find in your storage the exact same armor, with all of the previous composition statistics applied, as well as a completely renewed Composition Value. What's great is, you may apply the duplication trick to create a set of composition materials to be duplicated when you wish to apply more composition statistics to armor. The larger upside is, if aiming for earning money when selling items that have many composition statistics applied to them, they are of higher value due to that; however, duplicates are all linked, and as aforementioned, you may end up facing the issue of selling duplicates or the original that you had meant to keep. That is where the storage trick comes in; when you save and quit/play and continue, you will also find that when you go to apply any composition statistics on duplicate armor, it is not also applied to the original, or vice-versa; the same applies to selling the armor (or items). Normally, duplicates also receive the same composition statistics as the armor you wished to singularly alter; if you attempted at, say, applying the Thunder Element statistic to one weapon, it would normally affect all duplicates and, if other elements were applied such as Poison originally, they would disappear on all duplicates in place of the new Thunder Element. Another case is applying the fourth level of a composition statistic, which has a 50% chance of failing, or the levels of armor and weapons (beginning with a 100% chance of level 1+ armor, 80% chance of level 2+ armor, 60% chance of level 3+ armor, 40% chance of level 4+ armor and an additional loss of all previous levels if you fail, 20% chance of level 5+ armor and an additional loss of all previous levels if you fail). Regarding the 50% chance of failing with level 4 composition statistics: should you fail, you lose absolutely all composition statistics on the armor (not only the statistic type you failed on upgrading to, but any other aside from it). Using the storage trick, one may completely override that issue. However, if you wanted to mass-sell items with a huge value due to the amount of composition statistics applied, it would be smart to, every time you make duplicates of the item (should it be armor), you would want to remove the duplicate selling issue of the original so as to keep it for later use and extra replication, should you have to; it would definitely save you much time and money to avoid going through re-creating an original for duplication. This trick also helps for attempting at a piece of armor or a weapon that you wish to get to level 4+ or 5+, seeing as you can go through a number of armor/weapon pieces until you get one that successfully reaches your preferred goal. </p> <p class="MsoNormal" style="margin: 0in 0in 10pt;"> </p> <p class="MsoNormal" style="margin: 0in 0in 10pt;"> </p> <p class="MsoNormal" style="margin: 0in 0in 10pt;">Stickboy3 (talk)</p> <p class="MsoNormal" style="margin: 0in 0in 10pt;"> </p> <p class="MsoNormal" style="margin: 0in 0in 10pt;"> </p> <p class="MsoNormal" style="margin: 0in 0in 10pt;"> </p> <p class="MsoNormal" style="margin: 0in 0in 10pt;"> </p>

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