Skills can be broken up into 5 basic groups: Proficiencies, Passive Buffs, Active Buffs, Active Skills, and Finals/Specials. Also note: You do not have to spend skill points the moment you get them. You can save them for use later on skills you can't get now due to level restrictions. At Lv 35, the max level in the game, you will have a total of 38 skill points to use.

Weapon PathsEdit


LV 1 - Proficiency LV 2 - Final LV 3 - Special







All three proficiencies add +10 damage per point spent in them for their respective weapon types while you have that weapon equipped. This skill will significantly boost your damage in the early game, and I recommend putting points in one of these.

Passive buffsEdit

thumb|left|link=File:SkillLoading.pngImprove Loading At first glance this skill might seem useful. However, as you progress in the game you'll soon realize that by the mid-game on you'll have more than enough encumbrance to carry what you need making this skill a waste of points. Also, you can find/compose the extra weight stat on your accessory items, which is especially helpful if you decide to invest little or no points into strength.

'thumb|left|link=File:SkillCounter.png'Counterattack I prefer the Active Buff version of this better. This skill is unreliable, and when you max the Active Buff version there's very little time when berserk isn't active.

Increase HP & SP Recovery Speed

As I've mentioned in the forums, and as I'll mention later in the compose section I don't care much for HP regen. SP regen is nice, but this skill isn't worth it just for the little regen it gives.

Increase All Attributes

I love this skill. Each point adds +5 to all attributes. That's equivalent to 4 levels of stat points per level, 40 levels worth when maxed, and really makes a difference.

Active buffs


Another excellent skill. It more than doubles your damage while active, and, as I mentioned before, when this skill is maxed it's almost always active. Potions of Berserk mimic a Lv 1 Berserk(just as strong as lv 3, but shorter duration).


This skill makes your character move, and attack much faster. Not really that great of a skill. Remember you only have 4 slots for skills so you have to pick and choose unless you open your skill screen, and juggle your skills (a waste of time).

Holy Light

Another awesome skill. When maxed it will double your current HP/SP. If you die while it's active it will revive you at full HP/SP, and you'll lose the buff.
If you don't die before it ends the cool-down is faster than the duration. Don't recast it while it's active as the game doesn't refresh buff timers. Another thing to note is that when calculating SP for BladeStorm or Big Bang it doesn't calculate the added SP from this skill in their costs. Potions of Archangel mimic this skill. Small ones are Holy Light Lv 1, mediums are Lv 2, and large ones are Lv 3.

Active skills

Active skills, along with Final/Special skills, require you to have 3 levels in the previous tier skill as a prerequisite for the skill below it.

Hurricane Path:Edit

Hurricane/Hurricane II I like these skills. Hurricane is an aoe attack that hits all nearby enemies, and throws them away from you.
Hurricane II does the same aoe as Hurricane, then sucks the enemies in to do a second hit before throwing them out. Both skills work great as crowd control.
BladeStorm The "ultimate" skill you get for taking the Hurricane tree path. This skill is a beast. Your character becomes a massive tornado you can control, and is immune to damage during its effect. While you're whirling around the screen you'll hit all enemies caught within your tornado multiple times.


Energy Wave Path:Edit

Energy Wave/Magic Wave These skills are a little harder to use, and don't work as effective crowed control.
Energy Wave will throw out an arching wave of energy in a straight line from the direction of your character damaging anything in its path.
Magic Wave fires in 3 directions outward from your character in a conical shape. The wave it fires depends entirely on the element attribute on your weapon. If you have no attribute on your weapon it won't fire the wave at all. This skill has a high chance to proc the special ability of the element.
Big Bang The "ultimate skill you get for taking the Wave tree path. This skill is effective at clearing everything visible on screen when you cast it. A small "bubble" appears around your character, charges for a moment, then expands quickly to hit everything on screen at once for massive damage.
I don't like this as much as BladeStorm for three reasons. First, it's a single hit, and unless you have 100% crit you're only going to get 1 shot at a chance for it to crit against the Two-Head Giant. BladeStorm doesn't have this problem as it hits multiple times. Second, it only hits what's on screen. BladeStorm is maneuverable, and allows you to specifically target enemies that could potentially kill you while you're vulnerable. Third, it has a longer "charge" time before it procs than its counterpart. Many of the enemies later in the game deal lightning damage. If you get stunned before the skill's damage procs the skill won't fire, and you'll have to wait for its cool-down to end to use it again.



I purposefully mention these last. I honestly don't care for any of them. Finals add a 5th, stronger, aoe attack to the end of an attack chain. Specials are Active Skills specific to each weapon.
Some of you might try to argue, "How could you pass up on the final combo strikes?" Simple: Delay. More specifically, after you make the strike you can't move for a moment. This makes you very vulnerable; particularly against the large groups of enemies you find later in the game. Additionally, against the final boss these strikes take more time to deal their damage; time you don't have.
Others might argue the specials are great abilities. This might be true, but remember: You only have 4 skill slots, and if you follow my recommendations two of those are Berserk and Holy Light. That leaves you with two slots left. One of those should be your "ultimate" skill. Now you only have one left. Compare the Specials to the Hurricane/Wave skills. Do they still hold up? You also have to invest 3 points in one of the final combo skills that I've already mentioned can do more harm than good.

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