This will determine what your build focus is, you may not want to spread these around too much due to the fact that most item modifiers work as a %.

Your items and skills should focus around your stats, gaining the most from item modifiers, however you have to also keep your shortcomings in mind.

Some things to think about:

Strength(STR) = Raw damage. You'll find that with an attack and berserk potion while pulling off a blade storm, every piece of damage can make a difference when facing a tough foe.

Agility(AGI) = Defense and block. A pure agility setup with solid magic defense is probably the most defensively sound build around. Not to mention that with poison setup, the high block helps keeps your combos going, and its always good to see that number go higher and higher.

Constitution(CON) = Health and mana. The best part of this build may be the large mana pool, it comes in handy against tough adversaries, as spells tend to be the crucial push needed for progress.

Luck = Crit rate and item drop rate. Normally, the crit rate is way outshined by strength, but this grants much more amounts of potential damage mid-game onwards. It has another use in increasing item drop rate, making the mid-game grind more player-friendly.


An example of a winning skill tree is as follows:

9 in the Hurricane Tree, Avoid Final Blow at all costs (The animation is bugged and you will spend a lot of time walking back because you're stuck in a wall), max speedup and increase all attributes (after level 20, all points to it) and rest of the points into your proficiency. You can't really go wrong with the weapon choice, all are viable.

Finishing the game only takes about 40~ STR/AGI/CON, which translates to 634-675 base damage, 2205/321 base health/mana, and 259+485 base defense with mostly level 25 or above gear(non-blue/non-gold, +2 max, regular gear) and level 1 enchantments except a high-level weapon and either high-level elemental enchantments or damage by % enchantments(preferably both). Low stats and basic gear/enchantments alone are sufficient to kill end-game monsters comfortably. Add to that skills and potions such as berserk(double damage), holy light(double life, resurrection), etc. and it's overkill. If one were to put all spare points into strength instead of luck, there will be much less total damage(unless you plan on getting high level crit enchantments on all gear) on top of getting way less drops.

Keep in mind, with the way Arcuz is set up, defense, block and magic defense are more powerful than life increase due to the fact that potions and life after kills work with a base number rather than a %, meaning that higher quality defenses is more effective than mass amounts later on. The most effective way for maximizing mana is either using the +mana after kills modifier or the CON build. Without a substantial amount into CON, you will be eating up mana potions unless you have the +mana after kill modifier.