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# Chapter Quest Villager Details Required Location Reward
01 I Equip a Weapon Wayne Buy a weapon from blacksmith Gran and equip it. Then go talk to Wayne. Main Village 10 XP
02 I Kill 3 lv. 1 Slime Wayne Kill 3 lv. 1 Slime then go back to see Wayne. Main Plain Arcuz 100 Gold
03 I Kill 10 lv. 1 Slimes Wayne Kill 10 lv. 1 Slimes then go to talk with Wayne. Main Plain Arcuz 100 XP
04 I Level-up & Skill Point Wayne Distribute 5 attribute points & 1 skill point then talk with Wayne. Main Village

5 CP

1 AP

05 I Weapon Composition Wayne Go to talk with Susan, compose 2 small crystals of fire with Stone of Blessing to your weapon then go talk to Wayne. Main Village 400 Gold
06 ll Robbed Goods Chung Get back Chung's goods from the Goblin's in the North. Optional North Forest +2 Pilot Goggles
07 ll Don't be Proud Paul Kill 20 Lv. 7 Wolf then talk with paul. Main South/Gino Mountain. +3 Leather Gloves
08 ll Susan's Honey Susan Kill the Puple wasp in Rose Forest in the upper right corner main Rose Forest Silver Bracelet
09 ll Teddy Bear Anna Look for Anna's teddy bear at the Silent Hill. Optional Silent Hill Soul Stone
10 ll Bet between Two Men Kimura Kill 100 slimes in 5 minutes then show off in front of Kumera. Optional Plain Arcuz Leather Belt
11 III Purpose Of Saving Chung Save 3,000 gold for Chung and you may get a brilliant weapon from him! Optional n/a

+2 Scimitar

(Level 3 poison)

12 III Flickering Ironstone Gran Look for Ironstone for Gran in the Mystery Cave in the north. Optional Mystery Cave

+2 Axe of the Barbarian


13 II Chemistry Lesson Susan Compose a large potion of rejuvenation for Susan. Optional n/a Five potions
14 II Horn of Courage Kimura Help Kimura find 12 Centaur horns. Main Goethe Grass 5 CP
15 III Missing of Anna Wayne Go to the Sadness Forest and bring Anna back to Wayne. Main Sadness Forest 4 large crystals (assorted)
16 III End-result of Anna's Heart Anna Go to the Sadness Forest to look for tracks of Anna's parents. Main Sadness Forest +1 traveller's boots
17 Gran's Effort Gran Help Gran composing Lv. 2 Defense Bonus (%) and Lv. 2 Chance of Block shield. Optional n/a The shield itself, gauntlets
18 IV Regain Courage Kimura Get Kimura's sword back from the Guilty Forest in the South East. Main Guilty Forest +2 Apollo's sword (fire)
19 IV Re-see Brightness Susan Get Susan's eyes back from the Centaur Forest in the North West. Main Centaur Forest

2000 XP

2 Stones of Holy

20 IV Rest of the Soul Paul Help Paul give the skeleton knights in the Rest Valley one last decisive blow. Main Rest Valley A ring
21 V Zack's Letter Paul Give the letter to Wayne to see if it is Zack's handwriting. Main Village 3000 XP
22 V The Old Scroll Paul Go get the Old Scroll in the Magic Cave to the North of Centaur Forest. Main Magic Cave

4000 XP

5 CP

23 V The Truth Paul Ask Susan to translate the Old Scroll Main Village 1000 XP
24 V Smash the Evil Paul Find the stone of Nirvana in the Abandoned Mine in the South Main Abandoned Mine

5000 XP

1 AP

25 V Song of the Valley Paul The final battle is at the deeper Rest Valley. Defeat the Double-headed Giant, get the key from the dungeon and bring back peace to this land. Main Deeper Rest Valley The End